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On each node
* double check that python2.7 is installed on nodes
* create ansible user (*ansible* by default),
* grant it passwordless `sudo` privileges and copy Tower's public ssh key (*/opt/tower/var/tower/data/deploy_keys/*) to *ansible's*
`useradd -d /home/ansible -s /bin/bash -m ansible`
`passwd ansible` -- define ansible user's password, you'll need it later.
* grant it passwordless `sudo` privileges(`ansible ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:ALL` in /etc/sudoers) and copy Tower's public ssh key (*/opt/tower/var/tower/data/deploy_keys/*) to *ansible's*
/opt/tower# docker-compose exec tower ssh-copy-id -f -i /opt/tower/var/tower/data/deploy_keys/ ansible@
where `` is the node's IP address. Enter ansible's password, that you already defined somewhere above.
## Deploying
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