NOC 18.1.1

Patch release 18.1.1 of the 18.1 generation.

Includes 35 bugfixes, optimisations and improvements

MR Title
!1207 #938 Fix control concurrent task limit in MRT service.
!1212 Fix save empty metrics threshold in ManagedObjectProfile UI.
!1210 ManagedObject datastream: Fix links property. capabilities property
!1215 Fix platform field in Platform Card.
!1208 #947 Fix MAC ranges optimization
!1105 #856 Rack view fix
!1220 Fix Generic.get_interfaces script
!1222 Fix DiscoveryID flaps when disabling interface discovery
!1231 #946 Fix ManagedObject web console.
!1239 #911 consul: Fix faulty state caused by changes in consul timeout behavior
!1237 #956 fix web scripts
!1247 Fix consul resolver index handling
!1253 Fix path in radius(services)
!1260 Fix pm.util.get_objects_metrics if object_profile metrics empty.
!1258 Fix managed_object_platform migration.
!1268 Fix scheme migrations
!1272 Fix vendor name in SAE script credentials.
!1274 threadpool: Cleanup worker result just after setting future
!1291 Extend job command.
!1298 Fix custom metrics path in Generic.get_metrics.
!1295 Fix ./noc mib lookup
!1300 fm.eventclassificationrule: Fix creating from event
!1279 Fixes empty range list in discoveryid.
!1320 Fix SNMP Trap OID Resolver
!1325 Fix CLIPS engine in slots.
!1288 Fix ManagedObject save_config attrgetter section.
!1346 snmp: Try to negotiate broken error_index
!1371 dnszone: Ignore addresses with missed FQDNs
!1310 #964 Fix SA sessions leaking
!1375 Cleanup pyrule from classifier trigger.
!1381 #971 trapcollector: Gentler handling of BER decoding errors
!1382 #961 Process All addresses and Loopback address syslog/trap source types
!1384 card: project card
!1401 ip.ipam: Fix prefix style
!1413 dns.dnsserver: Remove sync field