Rename managedobject BI address field.

Merged Andrey Vertiprahov requested to merge fix-avs-bi-managedobject-ip-field into microservices

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rename table managedobjects to managedobjects_old
CREATE TABLE noc.managedobjects ( date Date,  ts DateTime,  managed_object UInt64,  administrative_domain UInt64,  segment UInt64,  container UInt64,  level UInt16,  x Float64,  y Float64,  pool UInt64,  name String,  ip UInt32,  is_managed UInt8,  profile UInt64,  vendor UInt64,  platform UInt64,  version UInt64,  n_interfaces Int32,  n_subscribers Int32,  n_services Int32,  n_neighbors Int32,  n_links Int32,  nri_links Int32,  mac_links Int32,  stp_links Int32,  lldp_links Int32,  cdp_links Int32,  has_stp UInt8,  has_lldp UInt8,  has_cdp UInt8,  has_snmp UInt8,  has_snmp_v1 UInt8,  has_snmp_v2c UInt8) ENGINE = MergeTree(date, (managed_object, ts), 8192)

insert into noc.managedobjects select date as date, ts as ts, managed_object as managed_object, administrative_domain as administrative_domain, segment as segment, container as container, level as level, x as x, y as y, pool as pool, name as name, address as ip, is_managed as is_managed, profile as profile, vendor as vendor, platform as platform, version as version, n_interfaces as n_interfaces, n_subscribers as n_subscribers, n_services as n_services, n_neighbors as n_neighbors, n_links as n_links, nri_links as nri_links, mac_links as mac_links, stp_links as stp_links, lldp_links as lldp_links, cdp_links as cdp_links, has_stp as has_stp, has_lldp as has_lldp, has_cdp as has_cdp, has_snmp as has_snmp, has_snmp_v1 as has_snmp_v1, has_snmp_v2c as has_snmp_v2c from noc.managedobjects_old

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