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Move ObjectStatus model to PostgreSQL.

See merge request !7358 (merged)

(cherry picked from commit 6e3a60d3)

eaf791f6 Move ObjectStatus model to PostgreSQL. 55d5acc4 Use execute_values. dc4cec63 Add avail_status field to annotate. 14434096 Fix typo. 86e832f6 Add update status to correlator. b42856d3 Fix last blank field. f87adb0d Suspend jobs when object down. 84f1e96e Fix migration for suspend jobs. 4973e82a Add update_jobs param to correlator. c4ace832 Add scheduler KEY index. 5e8efacf Fix create_index on scheduler. c91c1204 Replace ObjectStatus. 2c98c030 Fix typo. cd8c40a7 Fix black. 621d84ed Fix typo. 1154771d Add last condition to update status.

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