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#1535 (closed) Change DIG - > DNSPython

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(cherry picked from commit b6c3f6ca)

6e8eafb0 Change DIG - > DNSPython 30fceec9 fix 67819349 Update 22fa9b6e Add Tools button func 9ab77105 fix black and f8 178a7fa8 tools form added acf9515b update 0aa8337d update cc699222 Fix a114c953 fix view a7e0c087 fix error 4bf6510b fix exception 3158d71c change 71d22573 fix a9cf7d87 change bc8af57d change cbaa872b change bd0eb299 fix 2463dae4 fix 5205ee20 update d98fc0de fix command 41027d17 update form 054c66b0 remove list

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