Prioritized labels

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  • kindbug
    noc / noc
  • prip1
    noc / noc
    Top priority, MR fixes critical problem affecting existing installations and must be reviewed, tested and merged as soon as possible
  • sdraft
    noc / noc
    Proposal is discussed
  • kindcleanup
    noc / noc
    Code cleanup. Non-functional changes not affecting existing behavior, like code formatting
  • prip2
    noc / noc
    High priority. MR fixes bug affecting existing installations. Though the workaround exists, MR should be processed in priority order
  • sapproved
    noc / noc
    Proposal is finalized and is ready to implementation
  • kindfeature
    noc / noc
    functional changes improving existing feature or adding new one
  • prip3
    noc / noc
    Normal priority. MR should be processed in usual order
  • sdoing
    noc / noc
    Implementation is in-progress
  • kindimprovement
    noc / noc
    Non-functional changes, including code and infrastructure optimization, requirements updates or additional documentation
  • prip4
    noc / noc
    Low priority. Insignificant cosmetic changes which can be processed in background order
  • sdone
    noc / noc
    Feature is implemented and merged to master
  • comptrivial
    noc / noc
    Trivial changes which can take up to 5 minutes to review and up to 15 minutes to test
  • kindrnd
    noc / noc
    Research and development. May lead to feature or improvement issue
  • srejected
    noc / noc
    Proposal is rejected or replaced by more generalized solution
  • complow
    noc / noc
    Changes which can take up to 1 hour to test
  • comphigh
    noc / noc
    Most complicated changes
  • compmedium
    noc / noc
    Changes which can take up to 1 day to test
  • Other labels

  • Affect Qtech.QSW2800 profile
  • Affect Raisecom.ROS profile
  • profilerare
    noc / noc
    Affect by rare profile
  • profileSiklu.EH
    noc / noc
    Affect Siklu.EH profile
  • profileSKS.SKS
    noc / noc
    Affect profile::SKS.SKS profile
  • Affect Ubiquiti.AirOS profile
  • profileZTE.ZXA10
    noc / noc
    Affected ZTE.ZXA10 profile
  • profileZyxel.MSAN
    noc / noc
    Affect Zyxel.MSAN profile
  • profileZyxel.ZyNOS
    noc / noc
    Affect Zyxel.ZyNOS profile
  • rolecoder
    Coding about python