Commit f665e00e authored by Dmitry Lukhtionov's avatar Dmitry Lukhtionov
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Fix formatting

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......@@ -51,10 +51,10 @@ def test_eq_and(raw, config, expected):
{"vendor": "Eltex", "image": "_image.bin"},
{"image": {"$regex": "^\S+"}, "vendor": "Eltex"},
{"image": {"$regex": r"^\S+"}, "vendor": "Eltex"},
({"vendor": "Eltex"}, {"image": {"$regex": "^\S+"}, "vendor": "Eltex"}, False),
({"vendor": "Eltex"}, {"image": {"$regex": r"^\S+"}, "vendor": "Eltex"}, False),
def test_regex(raw, config, expected):
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