Commit cbebe30d authored by MaksimSmile13's avatar MaksimSmile13
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Merge branch '1083-confdb-juniper-junos-ntp' into 'master'

Resolve "ConfDB: Juniper-JUNOS ntp"

Closes #1083

See merge request !2470
parents d17faecc 5ce273f9
Pipeline #15594 canceled with stages
......@@ -134,3 +134,13 @@ class JunOSNormalizer(BaseNormalizer):
yield self.make_forwarding_instance_description(
instance=tokens[1], description=" ".join(tokens[3:])
@match("system", "ntp")
def normalize_timesource(self, tokens):
yield self.make_clock_source(source="ntp")
@match("system", "ntp", "server", ANY)
@match("system", "ntp", "server", ANY, ANY)
@match("system", "ntp", "server", ANY, ANY, ANY, ANY, ANY)
def normalize_ntp_server(self, tokens):
yield self.make_ntp_server_address(name=tokens[3], address=tokens[3])
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