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Add groups to meta.

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......@@ -64,10 +64,16 @@ class MetaApplicator(BaseApplicator):
yield "meta", "management", "vrf", "id", str(
yield "meta", "management", "vrf", "name", str(
# Client groups
if self.object.static_client_groups:
for group in ResourceGroup.objects.filter(id__in=self.object.static_client_groups):
yield "meta", "client-groups",, "id", str(
yield "meta", "client-groups",, "technology",
if self.object.static_client_groups or self.object.static_service_groups:
for group in ResourceGroup.objects.filter(
id__in=self.object.static_client_groups + self.object.static_service_groups
if str( in self.object.static_client_groups:
yield "meta", "client-groups",, "id", str(
yield "meta", "client-groups",, "technology",
yield "meta", "service-groups",, "id", str(
yield "meta", "service-groups",, "technology",
# meta tags
if self.object.tags:
for tag in self.object.tags:
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