Commit b9fb002e authored by Andrey Vertiprahov's avatar Andrey Vertiprahov
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Merge branch 'fix-avs-escalation-key-error' into 'master'

Check  TT on already_escalation method for fix Key Error when check notification doc.

See merge request !6248
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......@@ -377,7 +377,11 @@ class EscalationSequence(BaseSequence):
:returns: True if alarm is already escalated, False otherwise
if not self.escalation_doc.leader.is_already_escalated:
if (
not self.escalation_doc.leader.is_already_escalated
or not self.escalation_doc.leader.current_tt_id
# not self.escalation_doc.leader.current_tt_id if notification doc
return False
tt = self.escalation_doc.leader.current_tt_id
self.log_alarm(f"Already escalated with TT #{tt}")
......@@ -642,7 +646,7 @@ class EscalationSequence(BaseSequence):
esc_status[doc["items"]["alarm"]] = doc["_id"]
esc_tt[doc["items"]["alarm"]] = doc["tt_id"]
esc_tt[doc["items"]["alarm"]] = doc.get("tt_id")
if not esc_status:
return # No escalated docs
for item in self.escalation_doc.items:
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