Commit 1f53502c authored by MaksimSmile13's avatar MaksimSmile13
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Merge branch 'new/eltexdslam' into 'microservices'

Fix platform for Eltex.DSLAM

See merge request !243
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......@@ -27,14 +27,21 @@ class Script(BaseScript):
ver = self.cli("system show software version", cached=True)
match =
if match:
version ="version")
if "mxa32" in version:
platform = "MXA32"
elif "mxa64" in version:
platform = "MXA64"
platform = "DSLAM"
return {
"vendor": "Eltex",
"platform": "DSLAM",
"platform": platform,
"version": version
return {
"vendor": "Eltex",
"platform": "DSLAM",
"platform": "MXA24",
"version": "mxa24"
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