Commit 1a47f301 authored by bee26's avatar bee26
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Merge branch 'cherry-pick-b62f8619' into 'release-22.1'


See merge request !6397
parents b868505b 8dca1508
......@@ -428,9 +428,11 @@ class Script(BaseScript):
return "ESP", self.slot_id, pid + "-ESP"
return "MOTHERBOARD", self.slot_id, pid
elif (
or pid.startswith("WS-X67")
or pid.startswith("WS-X63")
or pid.startswith("WS-X64")
or pid.startswith("WS-X65")
or pid.startswith("WS-X67")
or pid.startswith("WS-X68")
or pid.startswith("WS-X69")
or pid.startswith("WS-X49")
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