Commit 1a2e271b authored by Dmitry Volodin's avatar Dmitry Volodin
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Merge branch 'patch-avs-add-retry-to-escalation' into 'master'

Add retry escalation to Escalation limit exceeded.

See merge request !3581
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......@@ -125,6 +125,11 @@ def escalate(alarm_id, escalation_id, escalation_delay, login="correlator", *arg
"Escalation limit exceeded (%s/%s). Skipping"
% (ae, config.escalator.tt_escalation_limit)
"Escalation limit exceeded (%s/%s). Skipping"
% (ae, config.escalator.tt_escalation_limit),
# Check whether consequences has escalations
cons_escalated = sorted(alarm.iter_escalated(), key=operator.attrgetter("timestamp"))
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