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cm.confdbqueries: Check | NTP

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"name": "Check | NTP",
"$collection": "cm.confdbqueries",
"uuid": "10bd5a60-3dda-46fb-ad36-985b19433a2b",
"source": "(\n (\n Match('raw', 'ntp', 'server', address)\n ) and Filter(address != ntp_server_address) and Set(error=\"NTP server error\")\n)",
"params": [
"default": "",
"description": null,
"name": "ntp_server_address",
"type": "str"
"allow_object_filter": false,
"allow_interface_filter": false,
"allow_object_validation": true,
"allow_interface_validation": false,
"allow_object_classification": false,
"allow_interface_classification": false,
"require_raw": false
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