Commit ee90eb55 authored by Andrey Vertiprahov's avatar Andrey Vertiprahov

Merge branch 'gwd_gfa' into 'master'

Add GWD.GFA profile

See merge request !324
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"vendor__code": "GWD",
"name": "GFA6900S",
"$collection": "inv.platforms",
"uuid": "f5ac7bab-ee17-4a85-995a-dc6ad919586f",
"snmp_sysobjectid": ""
"name": "GWD",
"uuid": "b891cc19-0c91-400b-9d13-78cc39817460",
"full_name": "GW Delight Technology Co., Ltd",
"code": ["GWD"],
"site": "",
"$collection": "inv.vendors"
"name": "GWD | GFA sysObjectID",
"$collection": "sa.profilecheckrules",
"uuid": "c6ae1787-cadd-4e0e-bd78-878cc2d34b2d",
"description": "EasyPath Series PON Switch Access",
"preference": 10,
"method": "snmp_v2c_get",
"param": "SNMPv2-MIB::sysObjectID.0",
"match_method": "contains",
"value": "",
"action": "match",
"profile__name": "GWD.GFA"
"name": "GWD.GFA",
"uuid": "b03ac316-47b1-4df2-ab6b-2b73eabbd30e",
"description": "EasyPath GFA XPON OLT",
"$collection": "sa.profiles"
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