Commit a3fec5c7 authored by Andrey Vertiprahov's avatar Andrey Vertiprahov

Merge branch 'add/mib-caps' into 'master'

Add Huawei MIB capabilities

See merge request !333
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"name": "Huawei | MIB | ENTITY-EXTENT-MIB",
"$collection": "inv.capabilities",
"uuid": "8b446911-498f-472f-9c33-30a4fb408f3c",
"description": "Huawei supported OIDs from HUAWEI-ENTITY-EXTENT-MIB.",
"type": "bool",
"card_template": null
"name": "Huawei | SNMP | ModuleIndex",
"$collection": "inv.capabilities",
"uuid": "c5054bda-d013-4c65-aa92-5bfddf66c1bc",
"description": "SNMP entPhysicalIndex for modules. Needed for generate CPU/Memory OIDS.",
"type": "str",
"card_template": null
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