Commit fd9d8aad authored by Aleksey Shirokih's avatar Aleksey Shirokih
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Fix old install

parent dc87e579
...@@ -205,8 +205,9 @@ def migrate(migrator): ...@@ -205,8 +205,9 @@ def migrate(migrator):
ct_promote_nodes.add(srv.node) ct_promote_nodes.add(srv.node)
if srv.service == 'grafana': if srv.service == 'grafana':
conf['pg_password'] = conf['password'] conf['pg_password'] = conf.get('password', 'grafana')
del conf['password'] if "password" in conf:
del conf['password']
if srv.service == 'mongod': if srv.service == 'mongod':
conf['db'] = conf['mongod_db'] conf['db'] = conf['mongod_db']
del conf['mongod_db'] del conf['mongod_db']
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