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Update Dockerfile

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......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ RUN set -ex \
&& apk add --no-cache git python3 libxml2 libxslt\
&& python3 -m ensurepip \
&& pip3 install --upgrade pip \
&& pip3 install lxml==4.6.2 mkdocs-material==7.0.0 mkdocs-macros-plugin==0.5.0 mkdocs-mermaid2-plugin==0.5.1\
&& pip3 install lxml==4.6.2 mkdocs-material==7.1.1 mkdocs-macros-plugin==0.5.0 mkdocs-mermaid2-plugin==0.5.1\
&& apk del .build-deps
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