Commit 79377b7d authored by Dmitry Volodin's avatar Dmitry Volodin
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Merge branch 'noc-black-22.3.0' into 'master'

Docker image: black 22.3.0, mypy 0.950

See merge request noc/noc!6306
parents 4717bfce 8466bb8e
......@@ -81,8 +81,8 @@ Babel==2.3.4; extra == "dev"
ipython==7.29.0; extra == "dev"
pojson==0.7; extra == "dev"
flake8==4.0.1; extra == "dev"
mypy==0.910; extra == "dev"
black==21.9b0; extra == "dev"
mypy==0.950; extra == "dev"
black==22.3.0; extra == "dev"
mongo-types==0.14.2; extra == "dev"
types-cachetools==4.2.4; extra == "dev"
# Login LDAP
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