Commit 099e7750 authored by Dmitry Volodin's avatar Dmitry Volodin
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post-update will no longer stop on failed sync-mibs

parent 9541620f
......@@ -58,9 +58,6 @@ python sync-perm || error_exit "$LINENO: sync-perm failed"
# Generate SSH keys
info "Generating SSH keys"
python generate-ssh-keys || error_exit "$LINENO: generate-ssh-keys failed"
# Syncronize MIBS
info "Syncronize MIBs"
python sync-mibs || error_exit "$LINENO: sync-mib failed"
# Syncronize pyRules
info "Syncronizing pyRules"
python sync-pyrules || error_exit "$LINENO: sync-pyrules failed"
......@@ -70,5 +67,8 @@ python sync-collections || error_exit "$LINENO: sync-collections faile
# Syncronize refbooks
info "Syncronizing refbooks"
python sync-refbooks || error_exit "$LINENO: sync-refbooks failed"
# Syncronize MIBS
info "Syncronize MIBs"
python sync-mibs
info "$PROGNAME complete"
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