Commit d982cea4 authored by Aleksey Shirokih's avatar Aleksey Shirokih
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fix links dash

branch : feature/microservices
parent 951ebff8
......@@ -29,17 +29,17 @@ class LinkDashboard(BaseDashboard):
def render(self):
mos = self.object
context = {
"device_a": mos.managed_objects[0].name,
"device_b": mos.managed_objects[1].name,
"device_a": mos.interfaces[0],
"device_b": mos.interfaces[1],
"interface_a": {
"name": mos.interfaces[0].name,
"descr": mos.interfaces[0].description or mos.interfaces[0].name},
"interface_b": {
"name": mos.interfaces[1].name,
"descr": mos.interfaces[0].description or mos.interfaces[1].name},
"descr": mos.interfaces[1].description or mos.interfaces[1].name},
"segment": mos.managed_objects[0],
"device_a_id": mos.managed_objects[0].id,
"device_b_id": mos.managed_objects[0].id,
"device_b_id": mos.managed_objects[1].id,
}"Context with data: %s" % context)
PM_TEMPLATE_PATH = "templates/ddash/"
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