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0.1.5 (01-MAR-2009)
* Install PyKE if you wish to use event correlator (See
* Follow common update procedure (
* main
* Various templates cleanup
* fm
* Expiremental event correlator daemon (noc-correlator)
* New built-in event classes: EIGRP, RADIUS, VTP, DHCP and Memory-related event classes (9 new classes)
* New built-in classification rules: 13 new rules mostly for Cisco IOS
* Event life cycle: Events now have unclassified/active/closed states.
* Event history log
* noc-classifier crashes on some kinds of binary data fixed
* "Refresh Rules" button in Event Classification Rule admin list window
* sync-rules loads correlation rules too
0.1.4 (22-FEB-2009)
* fm
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